We Delivered 37.2% Avg Annual Return

Our investment results speak for themselves.

SiAlpha™ investing system was inspired by the financial market crash of 2008 and our founders committment to helping investors “never lose money” and consistently achieve better than market returns. His research into the best money managers and their strategies, introduced him to quantitative investing and former mathematics professor from Boston College named James Simons.

Simons used his “black box” quantitative models to launch an extraordinarily successful hedge fund firm called Renaissance Technologies LLC. The performance numbers of his fund were unbelievable and seemed too good to be true. Renaissances flagship Medallion hedge fund has generating an outstanding 35% annualized rate of return over the past twenty years with no negative period returns in any annual calendar period!

To better appreciate the significance of consistent positive returns and avoiding significant losses as in years 2002 and 2008, a one time investment of $150,000 in the Medallion fund in 1990 would have grown to a mind-boggling $300 million compared to just $732k if same amount was invested in the S&P500 index alone!

But how could the average investor as well as a professional adviser and money manager use quantitative investing to significantly improve their investment performance and avoid massive drawdowns? High-performance investing was born with the launch of Infinnet Corporation in 2009 and by the following year in 2010 a live strategy was put into action to replicate the super-success of James Simons.

The multi-strategy quantitative approach which became SiAlpha™ generated an outstanding average net annual return of 37.2% for the 5-year period from 2010 to 2014. Significantly outperforming the S&P 500 Index by 7x for a total compounded return of just under 500% over the period. SiAlpha™ Members can view detailed month-by-month performance data including risk-analysis for the 5-year period.

sialpha portfolio five year performance compared to sp500 and tsxHow do we deliver such super-profits? Learn more about SiAlpha High-Performance Investing