iPhone5 Début

Apple Computers ($AAPL) long awaited iPhone5 debut’s today as diehard Apple fans had lined up for days to be the first to get their hands on the world’s thinnest and apparently fastest smartphone.

It will also be the first time investors and techies get an opportunity to feel, test and use the phone. Apple shares have retreated to below $700 a share as the market in general cools down. Expect a share bump up today on the media frenzy with cooler heads prevailing next week as the eupherio settles down.

I wasn’t crazy enough to line-up at Apple Stores but am anxiously awaiting the promised delivery of my pre-ordered iPhone5 32GB phone from Three mobile today.  My interest of course primarily for market research purposes (not).

But here’s an interesting comparison of price plans from some of the leading mobile carriers in the US, UK and Canada. As usual Canadian’s get the least for their money due to the oligopoly market structure of the telecom industry in Canada.

Guess who's paying the most for their new Apple iPhone 5

Btw our SiAlpha algorithm is giving a short-term market perform rating on Apple stock. So no need to rush out to buy Apple shares.

Enjoy your new phone!