Rise of Mobile Computing

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) 1.3 billion people will work remotely using mobile technology by 2015 or 37.2% of the entire global workforce!

In a recent survey of UK executives by BT, 50% of respondents said cost was a barrier to exploring new ways of working, while 49% said senior managers did not recognise the business case for flexible working. And there remain cultural barriers in many industries: more than 90% of lawyers, accountants and management consultants still believe that being in the office on a regular basis is essential for career progression.

Yet for the younger generation, the option to work remotely isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s an essential – and they are increasingly demanding it. For Generation Y, social media and mobile devices are the norm in their personal and professional lives.

According to 2011 research by networking giant Cisco, being able to work in a mobile way can be more of a deal-breaker for graduates than salary when it comes to making job choices: 33% of under-30s would prioritise social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer.

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Which companies do you think will benefit the most from the rise of mobile computing?