Press Release: Investors Access Breakthrough Online Quantitative Investing Service at

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Investors Access Breakthrough Online Quantitative Investing Service at

Calgary, Canada – Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) – Cairo, Egypt, February 27, 2013 – Infinnet Corporation, an emerging global financial knowledge company is pleased to announce the launch of its new quantitative investment system SiAlpha, the Science of Investing.™

Important technological developments have often emerged from two or more seemingly unrelated sciences learning and sharing from one another. Advancements resulting in space travel, new drug discovery, the Internet, and wireless communication to name a few have resulted from the merger of multiple scientific disciplines.

SiAlpha, the company’s proprietary Quantitative Value and Momentum Investing (QVAMI) system has innovatively incorporated knowledge from the fields of physics, mathematics and economics to create a superior investment analysis system.

And now the system for the first time will be accessible to investors on as a risk analysis and trading tool. The company’s application of Quantitative Investing represents a technique typically used by only the most sophisticated and technically advanced hedge funds.

“This is a pioneering event for investors. We are the first to provide individual investors direct access to quantitative investing which until now has been exclusively used by some of the most successful hedge funds,” stated Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, Chairman of the Board.

The SiAlpha system identifies low risk-to-reward opportunities in over 2500 North American publicly listed medium and large cap companies and exchange traded funds (ETFs) including all of the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 and TSX Composite index companies. These opportunities are the result of supply and demand imbalances which are likely to cause short-term price movement in the stock. The website provides investors a free snapshot quantitative analysis with detailed reports on these companies and ETF’s available on a pay-per-use basis and premium paid subscription.

In the near future the site will provide investors access to real-time trading alerts as well as portfolio management applications to incorporate quantitative analysis as an integral part of their investment research process. SiAlpha provides a simple positive or negative rating for each company or ETF based on the probability and duration of price movement in the immediate, short and medium-term. Generating a positive signal only when there is a higher than 50% probability of the stock price rising by more than twice the potential downside risk or potential loss.

“We are able to develop a portfolio of companies with uncorrelated risk using the highest positive SiAlpha ranked companies. The result is an optimal risk adjusted portfolio which can provide relatively high rate of return with low market risk. The holy grail of investing!” commented Suhail Ahmad, Founder& CEO.

The company’s management has successfully used the SiAlpha system to select investments for its own portfolio over the past three years and achieved an outstanding average compounded annual growth rate of 46% during the 2010 to 2012 period significantly outperforming the market indices. The portfolio comprised of an average of fifty stocks ranging from large to micro capitalization companies which were monitored and traded on a daily basis using value and momentum long/short signals generated by SiAlpha system. Full month by month past performance details are made available to investors on the web-site.

In addition to a suite of online applications for individual investors, the company plans to license customized variations of these services to interested brokerage houses as well as financial advisers and fund managers to help them significantly improve their client’s investment performance.

About provides investors access to a proven quantitative system to help them significantly improve their investment performance. The proprietary financial analytics provide investors with free trading signals to help them better identify profitable short and medium-term investment opportunities. Similar systems are often only employed by the most sophisticated and technically advanced hedge funds. SiAlpha has helped achieve a compounded annual growth rate of 46% during the 2010 to 2012 on the management’s portfolio. Visit to learn more and view our outstanding past performance.

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